2:47 minutes in the year 1970

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Talking about Black Sabbath:

„Paranoid“ was always meant to be a reggae. Just a small sketch: Ozzy, Frank, Geezer, Bill and some friends are sitting in front of their home. Dressed in batik-shirts and bermudas. Flavoured smoke hangs in the sky. Ozzy lifts his blue-coloured sunglasses a little bit over his eye-brows, looks at Frank and says: „Yes, man, we got it!“ Crickets chirr and Ozzy slowly starts a „Finished with my woman“ in a falsetto voice. The band grooves. Some moneymaker from the management appears, yelling at the band: “Damned, get real! Put on your black dress and don’t forget the crucifixes!“

Preamble – The Misapprehension in Rock’n’Roll

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The Bureau of National Anthem is aware that composing and customizing your anthem will have a deep impact on anyones‘ musical culture. For this reason we want to let our clients and blog-readers know the fact that a paradigm shift in music took place in that very age that we call the „Where have you been?“-years.

With our approved scientific WHYB-methods we will elicit what was formerly known as true.

This is a brand-new service on our website to improve our client counseling. Let us know, if you like it.

Halfway to anywhere

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Halfway to anywhere
The day I met Georgios.

„Long journey…!“, the immigration officer pays some respect as his fingers flip through my passport. The 32 color-printed visa-pages make my life look like a road-movie of a homeless. Flip-book 1-0-1! 2 more leaves left. Images of Togo, Mali, China, Japan and Russia fly by. Frankfurt Airport/Germany. The Arrival-terminal is abandoned. I am going to play for Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010.

Georgios Vasiloudis is standing in the middle of the audience and looks at me. He does not ask for permission but makes clear that he is now going to unwrap his violin to join in. Awesome! The proud Greek now stands engird by a band that is now his band and shows everybody, what it is all about: playing music! He is not wasting my time by numb questioning: „What is the key?“ or any other aggravating stuff like this. He becomes a member of the band and „Hey!“ what’s an half-tone when you are a friend. Georgios takes me aback as he talks about his avocational life: Georgios has trees. And he sells trees. Christmas-trees! Aha! 30.000 of them in all. In Greece. Any questions?

One of my foibles is, and there are only a few, that I always fall into a kind of narcoleptic state of mind as long as I try to fancy the proportions of ten parallel soccer fields, 687.000 grains of rice on a chessboard, 13 daisy flowers in a row and things like this. 30.000 christmas-trees make me think about the Greeks and Greek music. Being someone who always litters the Ouzo right into the plastic-palm garden-pottery I am not that much astonished that I have never performed in Greece. The big one concerning the polis is fine, especially now that I see myself as the mayor of Backstage-O-Polis. Stuck in between a dream of filled vine leaves and a cross-country-skiing Costa Cordalis I slumber on and into the dangerous world of half-knowledge concerning pop-hits. I flip an Euro-coin to Charon and try to fade out Nana Mouskouri when all of a sudden the outstanding, unique voice of Demis Roussos sounds over the waters of river Acheron. Before Tommy Shaw aka Mister Wisenheimer now knows better, memories of childhood days come to my mind. Aphrodite’s Child! “666”. Time again for a new flood of e-mail requests. Please, Frank… is there a small chance for a blog without this christianity-white-noise-humming-sound? Hey, I haven’t told the story about me and Pope Benno at Castel Gandolfo yet, security men wrapped in Ermenegildo Zegna, a Tanglewood resonator-style guitar and the ever blipping metal detectors. Let’s get back to Aphrodite’s Child.

The fantastic concept-album „666“ of this Greek band is based on the Book of Revelation by St. John. There is not much to tell or to explain about this album ‚cause you have to find out yourself by listening to this master-piece. Interesting fact is that besides Demis Russos Vangelis was a member of the band. You know him, he is the musician who wrote this music you always hear when something is happening in slow-motion. Unlimited fun is granted when you visit www-sites dealing with Aphrodite’s Child. A world wide web displaying the original as-it-once-was level. The pedigree of animated gifs. Hilarity help!!! Home of the server for this flock of pages is surely located in the bizarre, German town Bielefeld. Our all-time favourite game „Sounds like…“ maunders about my personal hero Peter Hammill to the „Kraut-fraction“ up to, and this is hard to believe, Frank Bornemann of Eloy. I was 14 years old! And it was not even summer. But I was witness of the Frank Bornemann signature move when he played at Karlsruhe Stadthalle. Carbon dioxide snow, laserlight and this tragical but killingly funny lunge when the band Eloy changed the keys. I loved it! Well, same time I have read Hesse! Anyway, all this socialized me talking about Flying Arrow guitars. Michael Schenker and UFO, my first concert when I was 12 years old, Frank Bornemann at the age of 14, and now being an acoustic guitar player I have to sneak to the Dean booth. Dean guitars is offering an acoustic version of the flying beauty. A real, real thick product pilot catalogue tells in a mellow tone about some sound shortcoming due to the construction requirements but those who have seen Rudolf Schenker unplugged with the Scorpions know: Who the fuck cares! It is an attitude.

Hic et nunc. George Michael’s (the artist formerly known as: Georgios Kyriakos Panayiotou) „Careless Whisper“ pervades my 70s vision. Reality to Frank! Reality to Frank! Passenger Frank Heydthausen, please come to the meeting point! Dazed and confused I ship the mental aegean sea. Finally I start to croon „Last Christmas“. What the heck is this Greek and Christmas thing all about? Still 2 leaves left in my passport. I have to see Greece! What, no visa required? But a self-adhesive christmas-tree sticker. Hellas!